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Streamline Your project with Design-Build construction

Design-Build construction gives owners a streamlined building process and a stress-free, collaborative environment. Say goodbye to lengthy design processes and the headache of unexpected costs—choose the faster, more cost-effective design-build method with Bennett Building Corp.

Involving us early creates our most successful design-build projects. With decades of experience behind us, we guide you on site selection, material choices, and use a process called “value engineering” to craft you the most efficient facility we can.

As your single point of contact, your business’s needs are assessed, then our expert team design a facility with your budget in mind. Harnessing our talent, we bring together construction management expertise and a keen eye for balancing design and value.

We’ll help you choose components that represent your brand—your business—without sacrificing your budget.

Design-build benefits:

  • Less Time to Complete Construction Over Design-Bid-Build 36% 36%


More Innovative Solutions Via Collaboration

What To Expect With Design-Build Construction

Single Source Responsibility

With our design-build service, you benefit from a single source of responsibility for your project—we’re your team.

From design to construction, we handle every aspect, eliminating the need for multiple contractors and streamlining the process the entire way. This ensures efficient communication and maximizes accountability.

Commercial and industrial design and construction is what we do best.

Cost and Schedule Guarantee

Your project costs are established earlier and are generally more reliable with design-build.

We’ll use current data and supply line trends to give you a more accurate timeline, earlier than an architect or designer alone.

By combining expert construction management with design skills honed through building with collaboration, the Bennett Building Corp. team strikes the perfect balance between quality design and construction value.

Clear communication and outstanding service come standard when you choose Bennett Building Corp.

Greater Project Control

You get greater control over your facility’s design with our design-build services, and our team will create the facility you envision.

From the beginning, your needs guide the project. Our team adopts a collaborative and team-oriented approach, working closely with you the whole way.

This close partnership enables our expert building designers and construction crews to work together.

Your project benefits from effective decision-making, faster response times, and minimized changes or delays. With the oversight of the building crew, foreseeable problems receive early, innovative solutions.

You can select an architectural concept that aligns with your vision while we ensure the highest quality standards are met and maintain project control from start to finish.

Get Started With Design-Build

It’s critical to involve Bennett Building Corp. early for the best results. Contact us for a consultation.

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