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Build with confidence using our Butler® Building Systems. For over a century, renowned Butler buildings have stood as a beacon of innovation in the realm of commercial and industrial construction. Working with a Butler Builder® brings more than that rich legacy to your project, you also get a modern metal building system that’s second to none.

Trust Butler’s reputation for quality and Bennett Building Corp.’s commitment to excellence for your project. Our partnership offers endless possibilities for your steel building’s design and functionality, making it a top choice for commercial, industrial, and community projects.

Why choose a Butler Builder?

Here are 6 Top Reasons and an innovative new Butler product for your warehouse and distribution center projects.

Speed and efficiency with building systems

Pre-engineered steel building systems from Butler are widely regarded as the most efficient and effective construction method in the low-rise construction marketplace.  Choosing a design/build construction approach can add to the savings.

“Pre-engineered” means the parts arrive at your site—built to your project’s specifications—in the order our experienced team should assemble them. 

design driven construction

You aren’t made to fit in a box. Planning for your business needs starts with designing a facility that makes the impression you want it to.

Conventional or hybrid building designs come in any shape or size to meet the demands for any project. Your entire project can be designed, engineered, and manufactured by Butler to provide unlimited flexibility to fit your design needs. We have a wide range of wall and roofing systems to meet any style.

Sustainable Steel

Steel is one of the most sustainable construction methods available to you. Your metal building will be built using recycled steel and can be recycled again at the end of its useful life.

Optimized and customizable designs give you the best value. We use powerful technology to achieve maximum structural strength with the ideal amount of steel used. Site waste is reduced, as well as overall labor and materials needed for construction.

save on energy costs

Save money over the life of your building with energy-efficient structural systems and metal roofing and wall panels.

Reduce your total cost of ownership with tested assemblies from Butler.  With an active Research and Development Department, innovations like Butler’s Guarded Hot Box provide in-place performance testing of U-Factors for roof, wall, and insulation system assemblies. You can easily build Com-Check reports to meet the most stringent energy codes.

eliminate roof leaks

The MR-24® Roof System is the most specified standing-seam roof system on the market, with more than 2 billion square feet installed worldwide. The MR-24 roof system has unique design features that accommodate roof movement under temperature swings and virtually eliminate roof leaks. With over 50 years of documented in-place performance, the MR-24 is proven to stand the test of time.

Butler roof systems provide a complete system to meet the most critical concerns of architects, builders, and building owners.  Our Retrofit Roof systems provide metal-over-metal or slope build-up options that are fully engineered to meet the requirements of the most stringent performance standards.

New From Butler

Newest in Butler’s lineup of PEMB systems, the LogistX® is a big-box solution for your warehouse and distribution needs.

This investment-quality building features tilt-up walls, diaphragm structural deck, and a TPO membrane roof. Choose the best of both building worlds with the LogistX.

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